>अरुंधती पर फेंका गया चप्पल नीलाम …………एक लाख में …….


Slipper thrown at Arundhati Roy to come under hammer
Courtesy: mid-day
Date: 2009-02-19

A youth activist hurled it at the Booker prize winning author at a protest against moral policingWriter Arundhati Roy is in some great company with former US President George Bush and Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao।The author and social activist had her share of ‘glory’ at a Delhi University event to protest against the ‘Talibanisation’ of India by the moral police.However, Roy will be a step ahead of her illustrious colleagues. The slipper thrown at her by an activist of Youth Unity for Vibrant Action (YUVA), which missed the intended target, would come up for auction at Jantar Mantar this afternoon.Activists of the recently formed group took exception to the Booker prize winner’s reported comments about expression of love. She had said, “To me, love is everything. I support every kind of love.”Delhi YUVA convenor Jai Ram told MiD DAY that the slipper thrown at Roy was the “third most important” footwear in the world.”We will auction the chappal. The bidding would start at Rs 11,000,” he said.YUVA member Beauty Kumari said, “They want to abolish the institution of marriage. If it happens, the whole structure of human relationships would be damaged forever.”

Slipper thrown at Roy fetches Rs 1 lakh
Courtesy: Hindustan Times
When Arundhati Roy visited the Delhi University campus on February 13, she was greeted with a slipper thrown by student group Youth Unity for Vibrant Action (YUVA). The slipper was auctioned for Rs 101, 000 at Jantar Mantar on Thursday.
When Arundhati Roy came to our campus, a member named Asif Kumar threw his slipper at her to protest her statement that Kashmir should be given to Pakistan. Her statement is against our national interest,” said Jairam , national convenor, YUVA.
The slipper was bought by businessman Amitabh Kumar. “I was in Connaught Place for a meeting, when I went for a walk to Jantar Mantar after lunch. There I saw a demonstration by YUVA activists, who were auctioning the slipper,” he said.
“I feel she is a traitor to our nation, so despite the steep price, I bought the slipper thrown at her. I am now going to go on eBay and auction it off. Even if I do not recover the money, I do not care, as it was done for the pride of my nation,” he added.


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