Is India really needs Sex Education in Schools?

What is Sex Education. Why to Students of school age. Is it is very necessary to teach in Schools? Is it needed in Indian culture?
For western countries which are very cold and covered with ice and more than 6-8 months in a year – sex education is alright according to their climate condition. Sex is common and in many terms it is open not because of their culture but because of very cold whether. Is sex education is good for Indian culture which is very hot country. Clothing, fooding habits depends on the climate conditions of the region. India (ASIA countries) are basically hot countries, so sex is not open and common.
Sex is a subject which needs practical or experimental if it is taught. If it is comes in education, boys and girls openly read and see adult books and movies. How we can stop their involvement form sex. More than 40-50 percent boys of schools age (some percent girls also) reads or comes in touch with adult magazines, adult movies which is prohibited today for them.
If sex education is given, it will become legal and boys and girls read it openly as legal subject. There will be no boundary for boys and girls. Definitely most of them will cross the Laxman Rekha.
Do we allow out children (specially girls) to have sex experience in school age, before marriage. Our Indian Culture not allows sex before marriage. Till date no medicine, tablets, syrups has been produced which will decrease sex desire of youngsters. How we can save our culture. What will happen tour moral values.
Instead of promoting sex education – Government should introduce Yog and Prayanam in school education. If not Yog and Prayanam altest simple sitting ‘Dhyan’ sitting 10-15 minutes silently on the floor in ‘Padmasan’, ‘Didhasan’ or simple sitting. This will increase attention, patience, tolerance, creativity, intelligence. Games can also be provided. This will be helpful in their all round development.
Moral teaching can also be given. Anti corruption campaign can also be organized in schools.
Children can motivated to make marches against corruption. Plantation : students can be motivated towards plantation, green peace movement.
Handicraft : They can be given handicraft knowledge.
NGO : They can be involved in Scout/Guide, NSS activities to make them busy.
Games : Games / competitions can be organized. More and more boys and girls can be motivated to take part in football, kabaddi, hockey, athletic which needs physical stamina and develop body.
Strong Youth Strong Country : There are various activities if started and motivated in schools, boys and girls will have no time to look towards the sex. SEX EDUCATION IS NOT FIT FOR INDIA CLIMATE AND CULTURE.
Sex education is nothing than a concept which came from western countries. Western countries are inspiring more and more towards Yog, Prayanam, Dhyan and India is adopting their western culture. We should try to make our young generation more confident, strong and they themselves says with proud “NO SEX BEFORE MARRIGE “
( Sunil Patel ) M.Com, Computer OperatorBharat Scouts & Guides,National Training Centre, Pachmarhi Madhya Pradesh-461881Phone : 9406544426E-mail : mailto:suntel@sancharnet.in

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