>Quasab…the end of Afzal’s violence

>What is to be to verdict hang the terrorist Quasab. Indian judiciary did verdict once against a terrorist. He was a bigger and more dangerous than Quasab. Afzal laughed after judgment against. When he was laughing, every indian smiled on him. Indian were thinking, let see how Afzal hang till death. But indian was total wrong, Afzal did know our country more than us. He laughed that your judiciary can deliver only the judgment, it can not execute it. After a long drama, Afzal did file his clemency to the president of Indian. See the surprises series, first Afzal was caught, and prosecute legal case, and trial but the lastly, The hang was judged. He was a big accused and terrorist yet could not be hanged. So Quasab also now waiting to hang, and make us a big amount for his life and security. Actually nothing to be happened to hang verdict for any terrorist. But really they must be hanged publicly. Do not cheer, Quasab is still alive. We have no to fear from Quasab, Afazal or any terrorist from the glob, but we have to be very conscious and aware and beware of mental, and with in society terrorists and indian politics.

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