Composition 25-9-2008 Translation on 1-10-2008

We have to make similarity between male & female. We don’t have any right to make difference of rights & social status only due to physical changes. Hence the women are kept in homes like the bird in the cage or an animal tied from a lead. Her condition is like righless she isn’t getting her human rights life education, self respect etc…
Now today more than one & a half million persons are pursuing their life in laziness & enjoyment without any hardworking. We are wasting our precious time & money in the name of pregilionms like temple, mosque, and montessories, if these all assets are used properly so we can improve our social,mental,moral & emotional status to a sound position, by this we can get our proud of ancient time easily. If our religious leaders which are known as guru to us who are running their business & propaganda of worship & prayer. If they left all this drama & come on a stage to make our country organized & able for evey work so we can see a great result of this campaign by these results everybody will be surprised. These words are take place for every stage. It doesn’t matter that this is a personnel matter of a matter which belongs to the family or a society, national or international matter.
Imagine that if all countries of this world make an organization & treat the whole world as one family. All countries announced cease fire on borders, war is abandon. Terrorism & home interruption get closed. All the persons who are involve in the defense services, all the amount which is wasted by our governments on the development & modernization of the defentions in the world. The lot of money spent in purchasing, manufacturing, mainainance of weapons & techniques. If we collect all the amount, manpower & utilize this in the development of nation, social amenities, health & education etc… so we can get the heavenly contentment in the world easily.
!!!!India is great!!!!

Tarun Joshi “NARAD” (Poet & Writer)
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जब भी अच्छा काम हो श्रेय ले जाते हैं वे,
क्योंकि उनके सिर चढा है मैं!
मैं यों तो छोटा सा है शब्द,
मगर फैलाता है बडा दुख- दर्द!
मौसम चाहे सर्द हो चाहे हो गर्म,
मै ही है सबसे बडा मर्म!
” मैं” ” मैं” करते लुट गए कई लाख,
मिट्टी में मिलकर होना है सबको खाख!
मिट्टी में मिलकर भी नही मिटता है मैं,
क्योंकि उनके सिर चढा है मैं!
कई बुत व सडकें बनती हैं उनके नाम पर,
कई बातें गढ़ी जाती हैं उनके काम पर,
समाज में ऊँचा रूतबा होता है उनका,
लूटते हैं जिसे वे वह होती है जनता,
गुपचुप करते हैं धन्धे चोरी के,
भाषणों में बनते हैं निन्दक चोरी के ,
कईयों का खाख में मिलाकर ,
अपने रस्ते से मिटाकर ,
जब खुद जाते हैं खाख में ,
तब भी नही मिटता है मैं
क्योंकि उनके सिर चढा है मै ,
और हर अच्छे काम का श्रेय ले गये हैं वे।

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I think that at present politics is run by the persons most of them are not working with the thinking of nation’s goodness, but all of them are selfish. At present scenario in our country the issues of politics are not meaningful the issue of this time is Hindi-Marathi, Temple Mosque & Ram setu, which are futile. In this time issue of politics are not related to nations favour & thinking for national progress & country first but today these are related to self profitable & monatry thinks. Everyone wants that how can I earn a lot of money & every body is forgetting country first only remembering money first or profit first,
Politician of present time think that they got this period of five years they didn’t take it as a chance of serving the country & society they took this chance as making their contacts to international level & estiblishing any business at international level, improving their bank balance & foreign tours only.
Most of our Leaders are corrupt; they just finished the countrism from their mind. In our assemblies which are the holy places of ……. For every Indian. Many of the persons who sit there they are corrupt & worst. They attempt a sin their also we have an example of incopration moment. I want to ask how much they are earning that they were ready to spend the money during that situation, now I want to ask that are they suffering from any type of blindness, that’s why they are unable to see the problem of the flood in some of northern Indian states. Now nobody’ll take iniciative for this matter, no one pay any money for this. We have a huge fung PM national security Fund, just declare some huge amount & what happens, a corruption of many lacs rupees in the name of saving the life of fatalities.Corruption is not a bad thing in todays thinking this is humanity for today. The rates for corruption is also fixed according to places * time like it is a govt. fees. For examples if you want to travel to jaipur from Rani/ Falna & you haven’t any reservation so just give the 75-100 rupees to TTE & you’ll get the seat this is for the day time & for night time for sleeper in Delhi mail or ashram express or any other train the amount increases to 200. In the routr of Gorakhpur to Agra the measurement is very strange you’ll get the govt. receipt by the TTE but you have to pay the fine of Rs. 250 also. That is a Govt fine but you’ll not get any receipt from Railway department this amount of fine will be the extra income of the TTE.
Our respected leaders most of time they haven’t work sometimes they need to do work during the prociding of session but what happens during assemblies session ? They just start the quarrel between opponent & Speaker announced that session is postponded due this quarrel. In our country just one type of session doesn’t postponded when they are proposed to talk for increasing the salaries, pension, allowances of leaders,
At present time our govts are running by the…… for example many of our M.P`s are prisoners at present but they came out to make a voting during incopration moment. I don’t think that it is necessary to give their name in this place.
At present time most of the organization are communal, they don’t discuss on the national goodness they only disguss about the goodness of their community, not for the nation. The leaders are misunderstanding the public in the name of god,allah,ram etc…., but if we think it with a deep mood so we can see that if our country is safe so in this great country where many types of communites lives, many languages, many cultures are embossing can easily get solution of every problem. Our culture will get developments by the thinking of the ‘SARVDHARM SAMBHAV. In this type of social atmosphere “ PANTH NIRPEKSH” all the religions, societies,cultures will develop regularlay otherwise if we are fighting for these issues so nation’ll devides into many pieces everybody demands for a new state or country by the name of religion, language, culture. Frooks if our nation will not be safe so we are also unsafe, I want to say to the politicians & these so called contractor of society/religions that if country isn’t safe so where they play the game of these nonsence issues.
Come on frooks forget these type of politicians, leaders of religions & organistaion which are making their own profit in the name of religion,languages & these sensless issues. If we collect the whole money & manpower which is wasting on these type of organizations & use that power for ‘national similarity moment’ we have to start a new assignment by this name for similarity for all. So we can see that the wind of change’ll blow & India will become the world teacher & bird of gold again. May god help us.

!!!!! JAI HIND !!!!!

Tarun Joshi “NARAD” (Poet & Writer)
Behind Panchayat Samiti,
Kenpura Road,
9251610562 (M)
02934-222665 ®
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